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"I help women who feel like they don’t always fit in, express their uniqueness without feeling like there is something wrong with them."

To be seen and known by others is an incredible feeling of connection. Sadly, in a world of pretense, we are more disconnected than ever. You have so much to give to others but when you give and give, without replenishing or looking out for what you need, you are running on empty. You say "yes" when you should say "no". You exhaust yourself for the sake of others and you believe you are loving them. And in some way, you are. But in a much deeper way, you are not. That's the paradox of what it really means to love yourself and others.

Loving yourself and others does not feel like depression, anxiety, and stress. Yes, there are times when you will feel down. Yes, there are times when you're stressed and anxious. But if that's become your norm, then you have abandoned yourself. You have learned to put the needs of others ahead of yourself. You learned that it's wrong to take care of your own needs.

The result of this pattern is depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. And the prescribed treatment is talk therapy and medication. I am not anti-medication, but medication silences your depression and anxiety, covering up the underlying problem. You see, depression and anxiety are not the enemy. Ignoring what your depression and anxiety is trying to teach you is the problem.

What's really happening is your wounded inner child is trying to speak to you ... a child part of you that is tired of being ignored. A part of you that is dying to be heard and freed. That part of you is struggling because you learned that others are more important. You may even know you're doing this but don't know how to stop ~ just like I used to do.

You have abandoned yourself. It's time for a Radical Heart Connection.

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Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles


The WIEBGE acronym stands for Will I Ever Be Good Enough? and signifies certification in Dr. Karyl McBride’s five-step recovery model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents

Listed in Psychology Today

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