About Me

Welcome! I'm Britta Neinast, a therapist and relationship coach. I help women heal themselves and their relationships. Whether you are married, single, divorced, or getting back out there dating, it is a learning and growing process.

Before learning what to do, I was someone who ended up in unhappy relationships. As a former "rescuer", I spent most of my life feeling overly responsible for others, often neglecting my own needs. I didn't realize it but was playing out a wounded unmet need from my childhood. I actually thought it was a good thing, even though I often felt drained.

Eventually, I got tired. I didn't want to keep doing things the same way anymore so I decided to do things differently. Soon things changed. I noticed changes in how I saw myself and other people in my life. It's been 20 years now and my career and relationships are completely different. No longer feeling drained, I have a lot more energy and am enjoying friendships and even relationships with men in more fulfilling ways!

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