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Welcome! I'm Britta Neinast, a relationship coach. I help women, like you, who put the needs of everyone else ahead of themselves, change that without feeling guilty or frustrated, much like I used to do.

Before learning what I now know, I was tired, couldn’t sleep and would get migraines. I worried and would overthink about everybody else's problems and life stresses. I tried therapy, praying, and read many self-help books. I even considered medication but nothing seemed to work. We all have stuff we need to deal with, no matter what your upbringing. For me, it was growing up in an alcoholic home where things did not make sense. In my early years, I struggled to understand how to maintain strong, loving, and healthy relationships while at the same time care properly for my needs. I felt exhausted a lot of the time. In homes where addiction is present, life can be confusing to figure out. 

Concerned about the toll it was taking on my health, I wanted to stop feeling exhausted in my relationships and have more fun in life. I felt deep down there had to be a better way. With that, I made the decision to return to college, finish my counseling degree, and am now in private practice.

As a health care professional, I began helping women and families but soon discovered a different way to help than what we are often taught in our profession. I began helping my clients in a very different way and changing things in my own life. Within a short period of time, I noticed clients getting better in significant ways. I also noticed my life improving. I stopped worrying and rarely got migraines. I slept better, felt relaxed, and my relationships are much more fun. It's been many years and my life is completely different. My clients lives are changing too and without medication.

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