About Me

 Bio pi Welcome! I'm Britta Neinast, a therapist and relationship coach. I help women who are exhausted in their relationships, create more happiness in their lives and relationships.

Before learning what to do, I was often in unhappy relationships. Sometimes it was fun but most of the time, I felt mentally and emotionally exhausted. I tended to feel overly responsible for others and neglected my own needs, the ultimate form of self-abandonment. As a result, I  had unhappy, toxic, and even narcissistic relationships. I couldn't figure out why it kept happening and wanted to stop but didn't know how. I felt guilty, sometimes I felt crazy, and I often doubted myself. It just became normal.

Eventually, I got tired. I didn't want to keep doing things the same way anymore. I had to change my patterns and habits and once I did, things improved quickly. I noticed differences in how I saw myself and other people in my life. Some relationships got stronger and others drifted away, which was good. It helped me learn to be more intentional in where I can best give of my time and energy. It's been years and my relationships are completely different.

No longer feeling drained, I have a lot more energy and am enjoying friendships and relationships in more fulfilling ways! If you would like to learn more, message me


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