Comprehensive Relationship Assessment

CoupleMany ask why ... why do relationships have to be so hard? Because if it was easy, everybody would have amazing lives and relationships. 

You can never get to the good stuff in your relationship with pretense, shutting down, or faking it. Self-protection and self-abandonment is a recipe for destructive relationships and does not work. What's interesting is when you learn how to do it differently, it's actually not hard. It's a relief.

You have a choice. You can stay in your current situation. Maybe it's good enough and you find the benefits are greater than the effort to change it. There is no shame in that. It's your life and you are the only one who can make that decision.

The second choice is making changes. If you're not sure which one, here's a clue ~ look at your "deep down".

Is there some part of you that knows "deep down" it's empty? Does that part of you sense you and your significant other are selling yourselves short of having something amazing? If you say yes to this, then it's time.

You'll know by that nagging feeling deep in your body, maybe you feel it in the pit of your stomach or in your heart center. It's a sense of something that's hard to ignore. 

If you're ready, check out my assessment tool below.



Whether your relationship is going well but you want it to be better, or you are concerned you're heading for divorce, this assessment will give you the insights and tools to know what you need to do next.

The Assessment reviews 9 areas:

Conflict Resolution
Partner Style & Habits
Financial Management
Leisure Activities
Sexual Expectations
Friends & Family
Relationship Roles
Spiritual Beliefs

This assessment is a strengths based report, which means you will learn your strengths as a couple and areas of growth. It provides a snapshot of where you currently are as a couple.

Here is a Sample Couple's Report

OPTION 1: Assessment Alone (Cost: $100)

* Access to the online assessment tool

* Couples Report

* Video describing how to interpret the results

Option 1

OPTION 2: Assessment w/ coaching session (Cost: $200)

* All the above

* 1 Hour coaching session, either in person or virtually

This session will provide a more in depth analysis of your results, along with any recommendations

Option 2

Changing your relationship takes courage. Let's get started today!

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